Summer at MacGregor Point

Canada Day Weekend

Patriotism takes over MacGregor Point as all Natural Heritage Education interpretive programs take on a Canadian theme celebrating everything Canada; from beavers to maple trees! 

A provincial and national event, Parks Day at MacGregor Point is one of the biggest and busiest days of the summer.

The day kicks off with Animal Olympics; a family based program where contestants try to out-due their animal counterparts in events.

This is also the first Mystery Evening of the season. Don’t be fooled, this is no regular campfire program; this is a full on production that campers come back for year after year!  Do you think you can help us solve this mystery?

Healthy Parks Healthy People

There are numerous health benefits from spending time outdoors. Healthy Parks Healthy People is an Ontario Parks wide initiative that encourages people to visit parks and be active. Healthy Parks Healthy People occurs the day prior to Parks Day. Visitors get free day use into all parks. Each park hosts a variety of activities throughout the day like bike hikes, yoga and aerobic classes.   Stay tuned for MacGregor Point’s program offerings closer to the date.

A talent show themed program where the campers provide the talent. Park staff often dress in costume and encourage audience participation between their own bits of content, which often consist of highlighting the “talents” of animals within the park or showcasing their own hidden talents. If you have a knack for singing, dancing, instruments, jokes or anything else, be sure to make it to this program and share it with the group. This program is usually offered twice a season (July & August).

Each year the Visitor Centre staff carry out a special event called the ‘Mystery Evening’.  The Mystery Evening is a play where characters have to solve a mystery or problem about an aspect of MacGregor Point. This is a major theatrical undertaking involving the whole staff and is fun for the whole family to attend!