Todd Pepper

Todd PepperWhile remembering birds such as "Whiskeyjacks" from when he was a kid, it was a pair of Scarlet Macaw and a Yellow Warbler in Costa Rica in 1990 that was the start of Todd's love affair with birds. 

Since then he has seen all 687 breeding birds in North America; helped to start the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines; has seen more birds in Sri Lanka than any other non-Sri Lankan; and on June 12, 2016 became the first Canadian to see all 234 families of birds of the world. Then the 2017 version of Clements Taxonomy was released in August 2017 and it now lists 247 families. Todd has seen 243 of the new list of 247 families and needs a return visit to Papua New Guinea to see the last four families.

When not traveling the world, Todd works as a visiting naturalist leading birding hikes at Point Pelee National Park during spring migration. He loves sharing his interest and knowledge of birds with one and all.

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