John Hlynialuk

John HlynialukJohn is a retired science teacher and taught in Bruce and Grey County schools, mostly in the last century (1970 to 2003). His interest in astronomy goes back to 1972 when he attempted to observe his first eclipse (Gaspe, Quebec) and was clouded out. Not to be discouraged, he took up night time viewing and developed a passion for photographing the moon, northern lights, constellations and planetary alignments in the sky. He joined with other teachers in the area, notably Doug Cunningham, and with groups of students from local high school astronomy clubs, spent the next two decades observing a variety of phenomena in the night sky.

John was part of the founding group of the Bruce County Astronomical Society (now called the Bluewater Astronomical Society) that for over 20 years has been active in promoting public astronomy locally. Currently the society is in a partnership with the Bluewater Ed Foundation and the Institute for Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies which together have built a large roll-off roof observatory at the OEC. The intention is to provide astronomy education to students and the general public and to give BAS members access to a modern observing facility.

John's other interests include wildlife and landscape photography, hiking, and other outdoor activities like geology and canoeing. John is an knowledgeable speaker and enjoys sharing his knowledge of astronomy with a wide audience. He has been know to appear in alter egos (notably Galileo and Dr. Albert) to make science and astronomy interesting to younger audiences.

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