Invasive Species

Stop the spread of Invasive Species!

Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to the biodiversity of Ontario's waters, wetlands and woodlands. Invasive species, such as the Zebra Mussel, Garlic Mustard, Rusty Crayfish, Common Reed, Common Buckthorn, and Emerald Ash Borer can outcompete native plants and animals, having a devistating impact on our Provincial Parks.

Invasive species can hitch a ride on your boat or recreational gear. Whether you are enjoying recreational activities on the water or on land, please take the following actions to limit the spread of invasive species:

  • INSPECT, CLEAN and DRAIN all watercrafts after each use in the location of use.
  • REMOVE mud and plant material from your hiking shoes, clothing and recreational equipment after each use.
  • BUY & BURN local firewood only.
  • DISPOSE of unwanted bait on land in support disposal areas.

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