Habitats & Ecosystems

The fens, ponds, swamps, and marshes of MacGregor Point Provincial Park constitute a connected wetland system that is of high ecological importance.  An evaluation in 1993 classified this system as a Class 1 wetland, thus formally recognizing it as a provincially significant wetland resource.  Of particular importance are the numerous fens (low marshy, frequently flooded area) – a rare habitat type throughout the province.  The wetlands support a diversity of wildlife, including at least 5 provincially rare plant and animal species.

More than 90% of MacGregor Point Provincial Park is forested.  This forested area can be divided into 2 major types: 1) lowland mixed forest dominated by Green Ash, White Cedar, Trembling Aspen, and White Birch, and 2) upland hardwood forest dominated by Sugar Maple and White Ash.  These forested lands provide extensive habitat for wildlife, including at least 8 provincially rare species, and function as a migration corridor for animals moving along the Lake Huron shoreline.