Fundraising Activities

When you are in the park, make sure you check out the Campfire Circle.  Funded by the Friends and built by park staff, the new stage will facilitate a variety of program types for the Natural Heritage Education staff.  Don't stop there! Be sure to visit the Bird Blind along the Tower Trail as well!

We are currently finishing another joint project with the park; the mapping and location of way point signs along the trails in the park.  The map is now available and these Trail Markers are in place.  

If you would be interested in contributing toward projects in the park, please Click Here for more information on how to donate to the Friends of MacGregor Point or visit our Volunteer page.

As always, your memberships (individual or family) are greatly appreciated as they help to support projects such as the Trail Markers.  They also create job opportunities for Natural Heritage Education summer staff at the Visitor Centre.