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About the Park

  • Where to get ice?
    • The Huron Fringe Gift Shop does not sell ice. Ice can be purchased at the Park Store during their operating hours. 
  • Where to get firewood?
    • The Huron Fringe Gift Shop does not sell firewood. Firewood can be purchased at the Park Store during their operating hours.
  • Where is the beach?
    • The man beach within MacGregor Point is Camper’s Beach. Locate between the Visitor Centre and Nipissing Campground. There is a parking lot for the beach or you can enjoy the leisurely 5-minute walk from the Visitor Centre. Click here for more information.
  • Can I bring my dog onto the beach?
    • Unfortunately no dogs are allowed on Camper’s Beach. There are two other areas within the park designated for dog use. The first being the Dog Exercise Area just south of the Huron Campground, which can be accessed from the Old Shore Rd. trail. The second area for dogs is the Day-Use Area. These areas do have areas of large rocky outcrops so your full supervision is suggested.
  • Where is a good spot to see the sunset & at what time?
    • Almost anywhere along the Lake Huron shoreline is a great spot to enjoy the sunset although Sunset Point does offer some of the best views and most seating areas. For specific times of when the sunset will be occurring today, please visit: www.Sunsets.com
  • Where can we fish/hunt within the park?
    • Both hunting and fishing are not permitted within the boundaries of MacGregor Point. There are many good places to fish within the local area and more information about each of the best locations can be found at: Explore the Bruce - Fishing

About the Animals

  • Do you have Bears in the park?
    • Black Bears have been seen within MacGregor Point from time to time. These bears often simply pass through the park, stopping only to forage and sleep before heading on their way. Currently there are no known resident bears within MacGregor Point. For more information about safe camping within active bear territory, please visit: Bearwise
  • What do I do if I see a Bear?
    • If you happen to come across a Black Bear while visiting MacGregor Point please try to stay calm. Black Bears are opportunistic foragers and their diet typically consists of berries, nuts, insects and carrion.  Attacks on humans are extremely rare, especially in Southern Ontario, and respecting the bear’s personal space is the best way to avoid a confrontation. Please visit Bearwise for more information.
  • Do you have Coyotes in the park?
    • Yes there is an active coyote population within the local area and from time to time we do have evidence or sightings of coyotes within the park.
  • I saw/heard this animal in the park. What is it?
    • If you have an animal sighting you are unsure of or would like to inform someone of an animal you’ve seen, please come down to the Visitor Centre and speak with the Natural Heritage Education staff. They are always willing to assist you with identification and provide any additional information they may have regarding the species you encountered. If you can, take a picture!

About the Plants

  • What flowers can I pick/collect?
    • Since MacGregor Point is classified as a Natural Environment Park, collecting any natural vegetation from within MacGregor Point is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures of your favourite floral species and share them with your friends, families, and us (if you would like to share your picture with us please send us an email at fompp@bmts.com). While out on the trail please remember the Naturalist code: Take only pictures and leave only footprints.
  • Can I down trees for firewood?
    • Removing any living vegetation from MacGregor Point Provincial Park is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence. Firewood can be purchased at the Park Store during normal operating hours. Please report any non-staff members that are cutting or knowingly damaging trees to the Park Duty Officer, Campground Host, Visitor Centre or Permit Office Staff as soon as possible.
  • Can I burn downed trees for firewood?
    • No. Downed trees play a very important role in the health and biodiversity of a forest ecosystem. As a downed tree decays it is creating homes for insects, providing food for microorganisms (decomposers), and eventually restoring vital nutrients to the soil, thus allowing new growth to prosper. Please leave all downed trees and logs where you find them or simply move them off of the trail or campsite if they have become an obstruction.
  • What is that tall beach grass all over Camper's Beach?
    • That tall beach grass is known as Common Reed, Phragmites australis australis, or more commonly as simply PHRAG. Phragmites is an invasive plant species that is fast growing, persistent and incredibly difficult to control (especially over bodies of water). For more information about Phragmites and the other invasive plants within MacGregor Point, CLICK HERE
  • What does Poison Ivy look like?
    • Poison Ivy has lance shaped leaves that grow in clusters of three, with the central leaf almost always having a slightly longer stalk than the others. It often looks droopy and can be found along the edges of trails, roads, campsites, playing fields and parking lots. Come down to the Visitor Centre for a closer look or CLICK HERE for more information.
  • What do I do if I have touched/contacted Poison Ivy?
    • If you think you may have contacted poison ivy it is important to wash the area of contact immediately. Nothing fancy, just cold water and dish soap. Warm water will open the pores of your skin and spread the oils thus creating a larger rash.

Where to go ___?

  • Where is a good restaurant for Dinner?
    • There are many good restaurants in the local area. Please visit our Links page for more information.
  • What is there to do in the community out of the Park?
    • There are many trails, museums, art galleries and landmarks to see within driving distance of the park. For more information, check out our Links page.
  • Is there a better beach nearby?
    • There are many quality beaches within driving distance of MacGregor Point.
      A few worth mentioning are:
      • Inverhuron Provincial Park
        (while camping your permit gets you free Day-Use at any Provincial Park!)
      • Port Elgin Main Beach
      • Sauble Beach
      • Kincardine’s Station Beach
      • Southampton Main Beach
      • If you would like to visit a beach that is not on this list, please visit our Visitor Centre staff for more information about what beaches are nearby and directions on how to get there

Other Parks nearby?

  • Are there other parks &/or conservation areas nearby?
    • Yes, in fact there are lots! The list below is by no means complete but it does offer some of the more popular choices for natural areas nearby. If you would like more information about a park or conservation area not on this list, please visit the Visitor Centre and ask a staff member; they are always happy to help.
      • Inverhuron Provincial Park
      • Sauble Falls Provincial Park
      • Bruce Peninsula National Park
      • Fathom Five National Marine Park
      • Brucedale Conservation Area
      • Point Farms Provincial Park
      • Macbeth Conservation Area
  • Do I have to pay the Day-Use fee there too?
    • When you purchase your camping permit from Ontario Parks, you can now enter any other provincial park in Ontario for Day-Use. However, this is not the same for conservation areas or national parks, which may charge for day-use of their grounds.