Ted Cheskey

Ted CheskeyPrior to graduating from the University of Waterloo in the 1980's Ted worked at MacGregor Point Provincial Park as a seasonal naturalist. So began a career as a naturalist and advocate for nature, especially birds, both in his professional life and as a volunteer.  After 20 years as an Outdoor Education Specialist with the Waterloo Region Board of Education, Ted moved to Gatineau Quebec and began work for Nature Canada, Canada's oldest nature conservation charity.   He is currently Senior Manager of Conservation Programs for Nature Canada, where he oversees a range of programs, many related to bird conservation.  Ted was an original Board Member and co-founder of the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory and is current President.  He is a Master Bird Bander and contributes significantly to citizen science projects, including both Ontario and Quebec Breeding Bird Atlases and about 40 years of Christmas Bird Counts,including 25 years as a Compiler.  He also loves spending time outdoors travelling, camping, cross country skiing, cycling and being with his family.