Mike Burrell

Mike BurrellMike Burrell became a “serious” birder after getting a chance to learn from some great mentors during a month at Long Point Bird Observatory when he was fifteen.  One of the big things he took from that experience was the importance of keeping detailed records--not just of the exciting rarities you can find once and a while, but also the common birds, for that is where most of the real interesting patterns can emerge.  Since that experience he struggled with a way to record his personal records to the level of detail he wanted.  That changed when he started using eBird. It was exactly what he had wanted.


Mike is a Project Biologist with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Before that he held the position of Ontario Important Bird Areas Coordinator, Bird Studies Canada. He is considered one of Canada’s top birders and is known as an avid advocate of using eBird to record sightings. His passion about keeping records accessible to everyone has driven his support for the use of eBird. Join Mike as he birds some of our areas prime birding areas and demonstrates the power behind the use of eBird.