Leader Biographies


The Huron Fringe Birding Festival ensures that our leaders are familiar with the local area.  We are pleased to report that we will be welcoming back some of our original leaders - Martin and Kathy Parker, Mark Wiercinski and Doug Martin.  Michael Carlson, Bill Crins, Mark Peck, Fran Sanagan, Alfred Raab, Mike Burrell, Justin Peter, Sarah Rupert and Ian Shanahan will also be featured leaders this year.

Each of our leaders is selected for his or her skills leading birding hikes, workshops and presentations, photography sessions, wildflower walks or geomorphology outings. 

The Schedule of Events will be released for viewing only on January 15, 2017. Registration opens February 1, 2017.  Leader biographies can be viewed by clicking on the name below or during the registration process by clicking on the leader's name in the event description.