Gavan Watson

Dr. Gavan Watson is a third-generation Southern-Ontario naturalist who was first introduced to birding by his parents and grandparents. It was through visiting places like Aylmer to watch tundra swans in the spring or Hawk Cliff to see migrating raptors in the fall, that Gavan built a connection with the natural world. 
After working as an environmental educator at centers such as the Scarborough Outdoor Education School and the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Gavan returned to school himself to study how and what we come to know about nature and our relationship to it through non-formal learning experiences. While completing his PhD in environmental education at York University, he continued to work introducing others to the natural world. Gavan did this, in part, by developing and teaching a popular experiential course on the Natural History of Toronto as well as leading tours for Quest Nature Tours to locations across North and Central America.
Gavan is a recognized expert on the human dimensions of birding, having studied birders and their birding practices for his doctoral work. The results of this work have been reported in the popular press and in journals like Ontario Birds and Environmental Education Research.
Now at Western University, he works to enhance the quality of teaching and learning on-campus, in addition to watching the resident campus Red-tailed Hawks.