Festival Branded Clothing

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The Huron Fringe Birding Festival is pleased to offer products available that can be custom ordered at our 20th Festival!  

And even better - NO HST on your purchase!

                                                                            OUR PRE-ORDER DEADLINE HAS PASSED


Two of our leaders, Fred Jazvac and Doug Martin, are shown at left wearing sweatshirts with our heatpress design.  Our registrar, BJ Martin, is at right in a maroon T-shirt with our embroidered logo design.  Both the heatpress and our new Festival logo designs were created by Doug Martin in celebration of our 20th Festival.

Click on the text for each product listed below to view the product information pages:


Crew-neck Sweatshirt

Hooded Sweatshirt

Hooded Zip Sweatshirt

Polar Fleece Vest / Jacket

Ladies Polar Fleece Vest / Jacket   (more fitted style)

Ball Cap


Please complete the order form, listing the product description (T-shirt, Ladies Polar Fleece Vest, etc.), design (heatpress or embroidered logo), colour, size and price for each item. The product pages show the design(s), colours and sizes available for each product.  Total the cost of all of the items, then submit your order to the Registrar as noted on the order form.


Click on the text below to download an order form which can be complete manually and sent to the Registrar for your order:

Manual Order Form 


Click on the text below if you wish to download a form which can be completed on your computer; your virus software will ask you to enable editing in order to complete the fields.  Save your order form as a document, then email as an attachment to the Registrar:

Fillable Order Form